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Products and mechanical properties of MDF Gia Lai

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Experimental photo

The outstanding advantages of MDF Gia Lai - Can be used directly similar to natural wood. - Much bigger size and no defects like natural wood. - Uniform structure on the entire board size. - High strength, less deformation, elasticity, warping due to changing weather, humidity. - Easy to transport, process, process and assemble. - Using source of planted forest material. - Moderate price consistent with the purchasing power of the majority of consumers. The use of MDF Gia Lai
Gia Lai MDF board is used similarly to natural wood in furniture manufacturing and interior decoration or as construction materials.
Gia Lai MDF board can be machined by drilling, turning, shaping, milling, etc., painted directly on the surface or covered with synthetic paper or veneered .... to form tables, chairs, cupboards, door frames, doors, office utensils, interior decoration or used to ceiling, wall coverings, partitions, floors in construction works.
Wooden furniture products made from MDF Gia Lai have high aesthetics, durability, convenience, assembly suitable for many consumers and uses.
Physical and mechanical features of MDF Gia Lai:
         MDF Gia Lai is a polished board on both sides. The panel is made of wood fibers with a diameter of about 0.1mm, a length of 1 ÷ 2.5 mm, wood fibers mixed with glue and with additives. , then heat press, trim edges to cool for 48 hours to stabilize the mechanical properties and polish on both sides. Gia Lai MDF board has a density of about 710 Kg ÷ 850 Kg / m3.
Specification of MDF Gia Lai
                - Thickness: 6 mm ÷ 30 mm
                - Width: 1,830 mm (6 feets)
                - Length: 2,440 mm (8 feets)
         Depending on the purpose of use, in the production process, it is possible to mix additional additives to form fire-proof, moisture-proof boards or other special-function boards.
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